Why a beauty blog?

The beauty is a broad topic that particularly affects women, whatever their age, even if in a life periods where you are granted a greater or lesser interest. We want to please, to seduce, and the physical awakens our first sense: the sight. Our first judgment about a person is therefore often based on what one sees.

That’s why beauty is so important. The beauty blog aims to provide information, tips and secrets so that each visitor can find the answers that will allow him to be at the top of his hopes in this matter.

Beauty is often assimilated to appearance, and therefore to external appearance. It is the image that we have of us, sent back by the gaze of the other. Yet according to many books dealing with personal development it seems that beauty comes from within. Indeed, beauty is above all a state of mind. When a woman feels beautiful, other people find her beautiful.

Personal development helps to build self-confidence, self-esteem. When one has a better opinion of oneself one respects oneself and the efforts that one makes to please oneself make that one pleases to the others. The beauty blog will help you find solutions to strengthen that image of you and become a beautiful person. First beautiful from the inside.

Fortunately, we have hundreds of possibilities to combine external beauty with inner beauty. To be in perfect harmony, taking care of one’s mind is not enough, one must also take care of one’s body.

The good practices proposed on the beauty blog

beauty womanWith the beauty blog you will first learn to adopt healthy lifestyle habits: eating well-balanced, sleeping well, exercising to be healthy and eliminating toxins, but also to sculpt and refine its silhouette.

Then the beauty blog will give you tips to preserve the youthfulness of your skin. You will discover that it is important to use quality products to exfoliate, hydrate and regenerate the cells of your epidermis efficiently and safely.

Soft hands and well manicured, smooth feet that do not make you suffer will help you feel good. Specific care products and massages can help to firm up certain parts of the body.

The blog will give you tricks to perfect the makeup of your face in order to reveal its brilliance and sublimating your eyes and your mouth.

The hairstyle and the color of the hair have a not insignificant influence on your appearance. It may be necessary to consult an image consultant to determine what best shows your features and complexion.

On the beauty blog you will see that it is the same for the choice of your glasses, they must highlight your look and be compatible with the shape of your face.

The coat does not make the monk, it is said, and yet! It is nevertheless thanks to this that we will identify a bride, a fireman, a priest … The choice of clothing will depend on the attitude you want to adopt and the image you want to give: you are a beautiful business woman, a sportsman, a femme fatale …?

The beauty blog advises you on your dress style

You probably will not wear the same kind of clothes but you will still be beautiful. The beauty blog will be able to give you tips to harmonize your outfits, make the right combinations of shapes, colors and materials, depending on the circumstances. Fashions follow each other, are not necessarily alike and do not suit everyone. It’s not as easy as you think you can get dressed.

As for the underwear you wear, it is true that few people have the privilege of seeing them. Still, one feels better, one feels beautiful when one wears the pretty lingerie. It can be classical, engaging, comfortable or romantic, it does not matter, when you stand in front of the mirror, if you are beautiful, it will feel in the energy that will be released. And to seduce in the intimacy, with a beautiful set of lingerie one has more chance of envy than pity.

Women are known to be fond of shoes and handbags. They are an integral part of the women’s array and must best match clothing.

Perfume is one of the attributes that contribute to the beauty of women. It has an action on a different sense of sight, it affects the sense of smell.

Then you can use many accessories to embellish and fine your look. Hair accessories (combs, barrettes, tiaras, scarves), clothing accessories (scarves, stoles, hats …).

Jewelry on the beauty blog

It’s no secret that women love jewelry. The beauty blog can show you collections of jewelry that match you, that you will want to wear with such or such a garment, in such and such a circumstance. Cheap jewelry or luxury jewelry, discreet or clairvoyant, the choice is endless. In this case also, when the woman loves a jewel, that she feels beautiful when wearing it, we will find her beautiful.

Newspapers and the media assail us with preconceived notions, clichés, presenting us with top models as standards of beauty. The blog will allow you to realize that there is no standard of beauty.

Is beautiful, the person who feels beautiful. Each individual can see the beauty where he wants to see her. We do not like the same food, the same colors, the same leisure, the same music, the same works of art. The same is true of beauty. The outer envelope and artifices are not enough to define beauty. They contribute to it anyway, otherwise we would not make so much effort.

Even in terms of beauty perfection does not exist but the blog is at your disposal to allow you to get closer. Mentally and physically, you will have all the assets at hand to be beautiful according to your own definition

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