What is a Twin Soul?

You may have heard of a soulmate relationship, but have you heard of a twin soul connection? What is thedifference between a twin soul and a soul mate?The distinctions and differences are slight and often get confused, but there is a difference….

Twin souls are two beings that share the same soul or energy vibration. When I soul is born it splits into two bodies and each carries a part of the original soul’s energetic vibration. This connection lasts for eternity and it can take many lifetimes for the twin souls to reunite.

A soul mate relationship however is made up of two individuals who come together through a soul contract. They are destined to be together to either share in, or teach each other certain lessons, and they’ve connected with each other through many lifetimes. When you meet a soulmate, there is a deep sense of having met that person before.

With a twin soul it is more like looking into your own soul and there is an instant recognition. You are so similar that you quite literally see yourself in the other. Because of the intense similarities, these relationships can be the most difficult sometimes, but also the most rewarding and uplifting.

What are the differences between a twin soul relationship and a soul mate relationship?

A twin soul relationship can have all or some of the below qualities:

  • There are definite similarities with interests, passions, dreams, morals and beliefs
  • The connection is instant and undeniable
  • They are your mirror-they reflect back every insecurity, fear, strength and weakness that you have in yourself
  • Connection between you is constant and stable

A soul mate relationship has slight variations of twin souls:

  • Soul mates can be a soul friend, soul teacher, soul companion or a soul relationship
  • There is a strong connection that can change or fluctuate in intensity
  • The relationship brings about a strong life lesson or change in your life path

A soul mate relationship may not last or may change once the soul lesson has been learnt.

Whereas, with a Twin Soul relationship there are 4 elements that are always present which may not be present in a soul mate relationship. These are a deep emotional connection, a mental connection, a physical connection and a spiritual connection.

Signs of a Twin Soul Connection

  • You experience spiritual happiness
  • You are more than just friends, lovers and companions
  • You connect with each other immediately
  • You don’t feel threatened when the other talks about friends of the opposite sex
  • You understand each other so well that if one of you needs alone time, there’s no issue in giving it to them.
  • New experiences help you expand your mind and learn more about each other which deepens your incredible bond.
  • You share everything, the good, the bad – everything as you would rather fight with them than be happy with someone else.

Twin flames enter our lives at the precise moment that we require to learn something incredible about ourselves. Many times, a twin flame comes into your life when you are in another committed relationship. You may be married, engaged, or dealing with the loss of your mate. This person shows up with incredible wisdom that you need to hear in order to move on. And, it is then that you also realize that if this person had come into your life earlier, you would have taken the experience for granted.

Twin flames are miraculous in finding one another. They have learned to follow synchronicity, intuitive whispers and the wisdom of divine guidance. Unlike soul mates, twin flames have the ability to lovingly stay and enhance the soul’s purpose. They are the reason we believe in fairytales.

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