Wedding Fashion 2018

Together with the experts of we have created a list of very interesting and at the same time simple trends of 2018 regarding wedding clothes and accessories. Are you going to marry this year? Then don’t forget to check the recommendations before you go shopping to buy the stuff.

1. Sneakers

In 2018 fashion means modern brides are brave enough to choose extraordinary clothes for their X-day. So, why not to start with shoes? According to Cattifly, many girls prefer this new trend of the year. Wearing wedding sneakers, you are able to dance all night long without being afraid your feet will suffer a lot. Moreover, this great alternative to ordinary wedding shoes points to your creativity. Wearing classical bridal shoes is good, but you need to be yourself on your wedding day, don’t you? And if you want to stand out of the crowd and put on sneakers to feel yourself comfortable, it’s your right. In addition, you don’t have to choose white sneakers in this case. As far as the latest fashion trends include love to bright shades, you can order very colorful models.

2. Gloves

The experts of Cattifly comment: gloves are very popular both in casual and wedding fashion this year. If you are a bride, pay attention to sheer models. Transparency is welcomed everywhere in 2018. So sheer glover will definitely become a super feminine part of your wedding outfit. If the style of your image gives a chance to choose a pair decorated with sparkling details – do it. This year fashion is all about courage and demonstration of outstanding personality. That’s why embroidered or sequined sheer gloves are the right goods to stake on.

3. Scarf

According to the reports of Cattfily, this kind of accessories is able to transform your wedding image without extra spendings. Just use a lace scarf instead of a veil – and you’ll look gorgeous. The solution gives you more opportunities when it comes to the hairstyle as well. So take the option into consideration.

4. Volumetric accessories

Would you like to wear statement earrings, a huge necklace or a giant bow instead of the waist belt on the wedding day in 2018? The experts of Cattifly say you can easily do it without being called strange. This year fashion authorizes using exaggerated accents in your wardrobe, no matter what occasion we talk about.

5. Eye-catching tights

According to Cattifly, you can avoid white and neutral tights on your wedding day and change them with red, blue, yellow or other colorful ones in 2018. Yes, the great trend is also presented by the world-famous designers this year. So it’s time to test it on the happiest day of your life. Together with the points, described by the experts of Cattifly, you’ll obviously celebrate the wedding day according to your own plan. Stay bright, do what your heart speaks for and enjoy!

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