The Minote, Small Beer Will Be Great

The advantage with the current micro-brewery that arrives in Marseille is that we can find the hopped nectar all over the city. It’s not the first time we’ve talked to you, but we’re not tired of it. And among the big family of small breweries hides a minot that asks only to become big. She is sometimes blonde, sometimes brown, sometimes well fermented, but always wants to be foamed to make her place. For now, the minot found refuge at Jules Moulet, number 12, at the bottom of the impasse, you will not miss it. To make her grow, two mates are at the controls. After the traditional siesta on Saturday afternoon, I went to meet the minot, and I tell you just below!

Minot, oh fat of!

At the end of the alley, we return timidly to a place between laboratory, bar and place of storage. Personally I would have made my apartment. But before that, I wondered how they could make beer here. To tell you, they have 9m2 to make the good foam that is found in the bottles. Former technical director in a “Parisienne” as they say, had gone around the issue and like many northerners, took the gamble of the Phocaean exodus. In love with the recipe and pro of the beta versions, he started to make beer directly in his kitchen (he had two, as much as it serves). Seeing that he had been stung and that the passion of the moss, he has, on a whim decided to order all the equipment to launch. His wife did not believe him.

Joined by Laurent who decides to follow him in the adventure by taking care of the communication and commercial part. After a successful crowdfunding campaign with nearly 8,000 euros raised, all that was left was to start, to create. The first beer to be processed is amber. And it took almost 20 recipes and a ton of brews to satisfy their palate and their throat. The minot was born. But at that time there was only the name to be found.

Very quickly, they came to an obvious … They were beginners, profane, the dunces of beer … Real minots. But as he wanted a female beer, which was sweet and strong at the same time, the minot became a minot. A simple identity with naïve but important handwriting to reinforce the idea of craft and a paper boat in the form of picto to keep this childish side without taking a head … Minot brewery launches the minot … A sacred even palanque! Tè!

Come to me these minottes!

Because it’s the most important, the foam! Amber, blonde or brown, IPA, the last arrival and a white in preparation, you can find it in 33 or 50 cl. By discussing a little more, the philosophy of the minotine emerges. A beer pleasure, 100% made in France, for aperitif, between friends or family … But it is mostly a female beer, made with love from A to Z! If yes, you just have to look on the label, it’s marked! Because in addition to making beer, it has good Max readings. Thanks BIBA

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