The Maersailas Oven: The Good Pizza As We Love

In Marseille, pizza or pizze for the intimate, it is an institution. Especially the truck, made on a wood fire. At the party passing in the street or whole with buddies and a small fresh rosé, we eat all the time and we love it! In any case, like many Marseillais, I am hyper picky on the pizza and very often, the Marseillais keep the same pizzaiolo year after year, because it is sacred. With the opening of the Docks and its market, I glanced out of the corner of my eye the pizzeria and its fairly impressive oven. I let myself be tempted by the Marseille oven run by two crazy pizzas, who grew up with and who want to pass on their passion for a single purpose, that they break their stomach.

After the last pasture elapsed, I landed with them to discuss and learn more about the Marseille oven, where, when, how and it is just below!

The Oven Marseille: pizze I love you a little, a lot to madness!

When you talk about the Marseilles oven, you are addressing two passionate people: Rémi and Renaud. The two friends enjoyed more than 15 years of friendship and a true passion of the pizze to embark on the adventure. A project of more than two years carefully thought out which began with a passage to the school of pizzaiolo, the only one, having a diploma recognized by the State. Yes, the duo wants to make pizza, but he wants to do it well. Theory, practice, knowing and understanding the dough, its effects and virtues … In short, heritage and passion is good, but with the right bases, it’s even better!

The profession of pizzaiolo is above all a craft of passion and its mastery often passes through an inheritance.

The Marseille oven takes shape with a philosophy that can be summarized in a few words: Passion, sharing, terroir, Corsica, Marseille, Mediterranean. OK, the project was in the head, the diploma in the pocket, it took them a place to do something about their ten fingers.

It is the Docks market that will attract their attention. Located at the bottom of the Docks, it regroups names that are all well known, when you like good products in Marseille. A real place of life, at first glance may be a bit haughty, but once tested, it’s a bit like home, except that there you have to put your ass on the bench. A corner just in front of Cantini-Flandin, the Marseille oven is arranged very simply with the top of the top of the pizza ovens which makes us the eye and waves the nostrils to attract us!

We chose this place because it is a small Marseille all by itself, a true place of life where we speak loudly, laugh and eat the pizza with your fingers!

Now that everything is ready, we must move on to serious things: we regale!

The Marseilles oven: it’s good!

With the official outfit and the badges that go with it, they announce the color of the Marseilles oven: here, it is the good baby. It also took them some time. Because having an oven Marana Forni (yes it does not tell you anything, but believe me it’s good) to the point, rotating, which cook dough in a uniform way is perfect, but put in a pizza quality, that’s another pair of sleeves. Especially as you go to the second country pizza consumer in the world …

The dough is a mixture of three Italian and Marseillaise flours combined with semolina to bring the crispy among others of course because for the rest … Hush, it’s a secret! She then rests 72 hours wisely waiting to be prepared. Why ? Because in 72 hours she has time to eliminate all the molecules that after three parts make your stomach very heavy and make you want to drink a liter of water.

Do not hope to eat a pizza whose dough would have rested less: there are so many doughs a day (the number is kept secret) and that’s it. You can go back tomorrow if you want.

For the ingredients, they took the time to taste, to test, in order to find the right harmony, the product that will hold well the cooking. It’s only good, only fresh. The mozzarella comes from Aix because it remains just fondant to the baking, the ham is signed LEVONI, imported by the butcher opposite and prepared, because it is the one that has the most taste and the pesto, makes house simply.

In the Marseilles oven, the preparation is done in two stages. The dough flies in all directions, that if you do it you are not ready to eat the pizza. Each pizza has a base of tomato sauce or cream and each one its ingredients, some of which, such as the icing on the cake, are affixed after cooking. The rotating stone of the oven allows the pizza to be cooked homogeneously. Okay, she has less taste of the wood fire than you can find in the truck around the corner, but she also has less burned on the dough.

With us, the white is the unanimous!

I tasted several but this one was the last dough of the day and they prepared it with love (as always). Pasta, Castellano artisanal mozzarella, black olives and after cooking, anchovy fillets, small Sicilian tomatoes, home pesto. This one, well packed, ready to be brought home, I will eat you with a good glass of rosé. Besides, I advise you. I also tasted parma (tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, oregano and after cooking parma ham DOP in the cup) and Mozzarella (tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives and oregano).

The Focaccines, kézako:

They are the only ones to make them … It is the same principle as the Calzone except that the dough is cooked before and the pizza is then garnished. The ingredients cook in the dough just out of the oven. No need to look, you’ll find it nowhere else.


For prices, count for the shares from 2.60 to 3.90 euros and for an entire pizza from 10 to 15 euros. Even if the delivery is not yet on the program, you can always order it and pick it up (better to go ahead). For the Focaccines it is between 6,50 and 7 euros. You can also benefit from formulas:

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