The Breakfast Of The Residence The Brunch Made By Dunk

You do not know what to do with your Sunday. Do you want a good quiet brunch plan in the heart of Marseille? The Résidence du Port hotel offers you until the end of the summer a formula of brunch elaborated in collaboration with Dunk. I went there and found it really nice, the terrace is top, the hotel, must-see of the city with its design year 50.

When I went there was not too many people, but I think since then it had to fill up. So to change places and if you like the Dunk, your Sunday noon, it is there that you will pass it. For 25 euros per person, it’s good, it’s fresh! What else do you want ? Book now? I give you the number just below it. Regarding the size of the brunch, it is not a buffet, but a formula. There is enough to make you pleasure without necessarily blowing up the bide. A good collaboration that I advise you to test!

What are we eating ?

A Hot Drink
A basket of pastries
A orange juice or grapefruit juice
bagel choice
S smoked Aumon premium
creamcheese, all naked onions,
pickles, cucumber, lemon, greenery, spices and dill
Pastrami (smoked beef pepper) [One that I took]
creamcheese, two mustards, American pickles, rocket, chives
A salad of the moment
A coffee or gourmet tea

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