SOS hair dull: what to do?

Hair long, short, colorful or not, we all had this problem … dull hair! How to remedy this scourge? Today, you are told everything to have silky and shiny hair!

hair dull what to do

1 / Eat well balanced

To have beautiful hair, it also requires a good diet. Beware of iron and vitamin B deficiency! Take advantage of fruits and vegetables to fill up with vitamins, zinc (egg yolk, lentils), foods rich in omega 3 (fish and olive oil) and iron (almonds, nuts, dairy products, wheat, yeast).

2 / Space your shampoos

What is the ideal shampoo rhythm? We advise you to leave at least 3 days between each of your shampoos. Used too frequently, they damage the hair fiber and alter their shine. If you live in a limestone area, this advice applies even more to you because hard water tends to grease and tarnish your hair.

3 / Moisturize your hair

After washing them with a mild shampoo, apply a conditioner to moisturize and coat your hair. This will facilitate disentangling, which sometimes can be a torture for your scales.

Also consider making a mask once a week to properly nourish and illuminate your hair (be careful, choose products without silicone, because this product attaches to the cuticle and damages the hair making it even duller)

4 / Rinse your hair with cold water

Brrr you already have some chills? Tell yourself that it is for your good (and that of your hair)! This tightens the scales and therefore shines the hair. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to your rinse water for an even greater shine effect.

5 / We Brush!

A crucial step for the hair, brushing first eliminates the many residues of styling products that prevent the hair from shining, but also stimulate the sebaceous glands and distribute the sebum from the root to the tips. But to do it correctly, you have to choose the right brush.

“She’s funny, but how do I know what brush to take?” No worries girls, we get there!

Do you have thin, flat hair? Look for bristles of wild boar hair to give your hair maximum shine and radiance. Softer, they offer a much more delicate brushing.

You have thick hair? Choose a combination brush, mix of wild boar and nylon hair that will allow brushing in depth.

Do you wear beautiful curls? Head to large-toothed combs to avoid breaking the curls and lathering your hair.

6 / Stop assaulting your hair

Colors, wicks and permanent (especially repeatedly) weaken your hair considerably. The same applies to the hair dryer, straightener, looper … Very practical, you are granted it, but tend to attack the hair and dry it. So we reduce their use and we prefer a natural drying to the maximum … especially when the beautiful days arrive!

7 / We cut!

We know how painful it can be for a woman to cut her hair. This simple “just the spikes” that gives you the impression to come out with a square (without exaggeration obviously), these few scissors that make the world collapse … Do not worry, this is not a step insurmountable and you will see, you will thank your hairdresser! We cut a few centimeters (promised just a little) every 3 or 4 months to restore pep and sparkle to your mane.

As one is really nice, here is a recipe for homemade mask for shiny hair:
For a quarter glass of water, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of white vinegar and mix. Apply a few minutes on your hair, then rinse! You can also make this lotion with cider vinegar, its ability to tighten the scales and rid the hair of the limestone makes it very effective to restore shine to the hair!

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