Plastic surgery complications you should be aware –Look before you leap

It was in the year 2014, Americans spent more than $9 billion on plastic surgery. From rhinoplasty to breast implantations, there are being introduced new ways of changing your appearance and making it according to your dreams. Different forms of cosmetic surgeries have become extremely common but it is not that such surgeries come without any risk. There are definitely certain risks which are associated with changing the way you look by going under the knife. Let’s take a look at the few risks, not to scare you but to make you aware and stay safe.

Plastic surgery complications you should be aware –Look before you leap

#1: Hematoma

If you don’t know what hematoma is, it is a pocket of blood which looks similar to a big and painful bruise. Among the women who undergo breast augmentation surgeries, this is a very common risk that might occur. It is also one of the biggest complications among people who undergo a facelift. In almost all surgeries, hematoma is a risk and it needs to be treated by looking for added ways of draining out the blood.

#2: Damage of nerves

The possibility of causing damage to nerves is present in various kinds of surgical procedures. Tingling and numbness are pretty common post cosmetic surgery and this can be a sign of potential damage caused to the nerves. After breast augmentation surgery, most women go through a change in the sensitivity of their breasts and 15% of them lose the sensation of nipples.

#3: Different sorts of infection

Though there are different post-operative care steps which can be included to avoid the risk of infection, it is still the most common complication associated with plastic surgery. For instance you might choose one of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons like but what if you’re still affected with infection? This can happen to anyone irrespective of the doctor whom you choose.

#4: Scarring

Whenever there is a surgery, there is a possibility of scarring. As plastic surgery will help you in boosting the way you look, scars can definitely be troublesome. Hypertrophic scarring is a thick and red raised scar which is there among 2-5% of women who undergo breast augmentation. Hence, you have to be prepared for a minimum scar once you undergo any kind of cosmetic surgery.

Therefore, whenever you’re ready to go under the knife for changing a body part, be realistic about the risks that are associated with the procedure.

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