Moringa The Vitality Solution For Re-Entry

The Moringa  beginning to be talked about in France. But what is the secret of this plant? Let us zoom in on the moringa, its origins, its virtues and its modes of consumption .

What is moringa?The Moringa-la-solution vitality

Also known as the Tree of Life , moringa is native to India and grows in tropical and subtropical climate: Africa, South America, Caribbean. It can reach 10 meters in height and is characterized by its flowers white and its emerald green leaves.

What are its virtues?

The nutritional virtues of moringa are numerous. It is rich in protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and essential amino acids . It also contains vitamin B many, vitamins A, C and E .

How to consume it? 

The Moringa leaves  are an integral part of the diet of local populations. In Africa or India, for example, they are cooked and integrated into dishes in sauce. In our western countries, the powder of moringa , obtained from the grinding of the leaves , is used above all . You can sprinkle on  soups ,  salads  or plates of rice and pasta. You can also mix it in a muesli, yogurt, smoothie. The flowers of moringa  can be infused in tea or tea.

Moringa also gives  the oil that can be consumed. But the oil is used mainly in the manufacture of care and cosmetics.

Who can consume it?

The consumption of moringa can be beneficial: for people suffering from nutritional deficiencies  or who are struggling against transit problems,  – for elderly people orvegetarians who have difficulty meeting their protein needs,  – for  sportsmen  who want to fill up with vitamins,  – or simply for  all those who have decided to eat well , vary their diet  and eat healthy.

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