Laying Your Nail Polish without Overflowing Tips

That those who succeed in laying their nail polish without overflowing raise their hand? Well, there are some who certainly succeed but that is not the case for everyone. EFBIO gives you some  tips for applying your varnish without burrs .

A precise pose in 3 gestures Ask-the-polish-a-nail-without overfilling-tricks

Before thinking of varnish it is obviously necessary to take care of his hands and nails as it should: the nails must be filed (always in the same direction to avoid duplication), cuticles well cared for and hands well pampered …

After applying a first coat of protective varnish, one switches to color. Make sure to drain your brush on the edge of the bottle.Next comes the time of laying, which is done in three precise gestures : one begins by applying the product to the middle of the nail, then on each side.

2 simple techniques for clumsy

The best known technique is Scotch . You only need to have a simple scotch roll and put around each nail before passing your nail polish. When the nails are dry, the ends of scotch are removed and the trick is played.

The second technique is to apply your hand cream or a vegetable oil around the nails . Simply brush the turn of each nail with a brush with the product of your choice. Be careful not to put it directly on it, otherwise your varnish will have difficulty adhering to the nail.

And to catch up?

If you still do not do anything and you have overfilled your nail polish, your solution will be hot water. Once the varnish is dry, a bowl of warm water is prepared in which it is enough to dip its fingers for a few minutes.Subsequently, the excess varnish is carefully removed, by means of an epilating forceps, for example.

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