How to Prepare Your Skin for the Sun?

There they are finally arrived or at least will not be late! We speak of course a holiday! To be at the top on the beach and well tanned for your return to the office, we reveal you some natural tips to prepare your skin well before the summer:

1 – Adapting your diet

Preparing your skin also goes through what you put on your plate! We focus on antioxidant-rich foods to stimulate melanin and we favor seasonal fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in beta-carotene. So we get a little carrot treatment a few weeks before we go, raw, juice, steam everything is good for your skin. In addition to making friendly and give the pink thighs, carrot you will help you protect your skin from UV rays (Obviously it does not exempt you from the sun cream! At your tubes, ready, spread!) We put also on tomatoes, peaches, melon, mango … what never again look bad!

2 – A scrub to prepare your skin

Yes, before sunburning and sunbathing, ladies, you have to make a new skin!

For this a scrub is necessary and this, 1 times a week in order to eliminate the dead skin and let breathe your epidermis. This will allow you to tan more easily, in a uniform way, all with a radiant complexion and brighter. This is also true for your face, a scrub or a gentle peeling will allow you to find a clean skin, ready to face the sun.

3 – Well moisturize your skin

Whether it is cream, lotion or balm, it does not matter, it’s up to you to choose according to your preference! The important thing is to stick to it, you moisturize all your body morning and night to nourish your skin.
But hydration of the skin, also passes through the inside, it is important to well hydrate you, the ideal is to drink 1.5 L per day. To vary the pleasures do not hesitate to add a slice of lemon or a little mint in your water, you can also supplement your water intake daily with teas or herbal teas. Do not forget that hydration will also be one of the essential keys to keep your tan as long as possible! Then we keep the rhythm and we hydrate without relent.

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