How To Choose Your Jewelry

Finding the perfect jewelry to highlight her outfit may seem difficult, as the choice is vast. Nevertheless, with the few tips of the beauty blog , you will easily find the rare pearl that will allow you to shine at every moment of the day! So how do you choose your jewelry?

First, to go to work, favor the discrete and elegant models, such as rings with ears or small precious stones, a pretty choker, a fine ring or a rush bracelet.

For a great event, take out the great game and sparkle with a thousand lights! It is time to wear your finest finery, like a diamond river, a long necklace, towering earrings or a brand watch. Finally, for an outing with friends or to make you happy, choose jewels fantasy and give free rein to your creativity!

Gold jewelery, a sure bet

Women's jewelryThe noble materials, and more precisely the gold, are unavoidable which will allow you to avoid the lack of taste. The yellow gold jewelry is true basic and go to all women. They are particularly remarkable on a matte or dark skin, to which they will bring glare. Pink gold jewelry is very trendy right now.

They will sublimate the clear skins, which they illuminate, and will be perfect to complete a romantic and refined look. Finally, white gold jewelery is synonymous with elegance and originality, and will simply look beautiful on a dark outfit.

Silver jewelery, perfect for everyday use

silver jewelry womanThe silver jewelry , less expensive than their gold alter ego, are available in modern collections and will allow you to let your imagination run wild. You will be able to wear them on a daily basis, both to go to work and to go out with friends. You will find many models in all styles, sometimes adorned with semi-precious stones. However, they require a little maintenance, to prevent their shine from tarnishing.

Ethnic jewelry, at the forefront of current fashion

The eth jewelry women's ethnic jewelrylunches are absolutely essential this season. They will perfectly match chic and trendy outfits, cheerful and colorful, with strong pieces such as an Aztec vest, animal motifs or colors inspired by Latin America. Feather earrings, headbands made of leather laces, large necklaces with glass or wood beads, or cuff bracelets.

Fancy jewelry, a good way to have fun at a small price

fashion jewelery

You will also find many chains that now offer costume jewelry on a budget. Here, all follies are allowed! Feathers, sequins, rhinestones and other laces are to put together a look that resembles you and reveal your personality. In any case, be sure to match your dress to your outfit. Thus, metal jewelery with sober and refined lines will accentuate a sharp look, while ethnic jewelry will sublimate a romantic style and refined pieces will be perfect with a classic and chic outfit.

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