How To Choose The Make-Up Remover?

You certainly know that you have to remove make-up every night, whether you wear makeup or not during the day. But what kind of makeup remover to use? Sometimes you lose yourself between milk, oil, water and other textures. Know that they are all effective and that the choice depends only on the skin profile and the particular requirements of each. Need more advice? We tell you everything.

Cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin

Because cleansing milk has a smooth and creamy texture, it is more recommended for sensitive skin that tends to blush easily. Use a quality product like those of the site for an optimal result.

Milk is also recommended for dry skin because it is nourishing and moisturizing. Leaving a greasy film on the skin, the product boosts hydration since dry skin tends to dry out naturally.

Apply your cleansing milk to the finger or with a cotton ultra-soft so as not to attack the skin. Also note that the milk is used with a special dry and sensitive skin lotion. This eliminates the oily excess that makes the skin too greasy.

Is the make-up remover oil interesting?

Many people hesitate to use make-up remover oil as it is often associated with excess sebum and oily skin. Essentially based on vegetable oil, cleansing oils are nevertheless adapted to all skin types, even oily skin. Indeed, since this product needs rinsing (with warm water), it does not leave a greasy film on the skin.

The make-up remover oil is very easy to use because of its texture which makes it slide on the skin. Very effective, it even cleans the waterproof products. Better yet, you can remove makeup, eyes and mouth with the same product which is very convenient.

The use is simple:

  • Apply the product to the fingers
  • Removal by circular movements
  • Emulsify with warm water
  • Also rinse with warm water

The skin will then be clean and soft.

What about micellar water?

Appearing in the cosmetics market later in comparison to other cleansing products, micellar water is also appreciated to find a perfectly cleansed skin at the end of the day. Efficiency and comfort combine in this innovative formula that has the efficiency of the oil while its texture and freshness are clean of water. Thus, micellar water cleans thoroughly and removes dust, excess sebum and anything that can settle on the surface of the skin.

Micellar water is an all-in-one product. It has a slightly foaming texture and no rinsing is useful. It’s very handy when you’re in a hurry. On the other hand, this product no longer requires the application of a tonic product after make-up removal. The skin is immediately “comfortable”, without any tightness.

Which micellar water to choose? Take a look at the site Mademoizelle which has made the comparison of the seven micellar waters most currently used .

If daily make-up removing is strongly recommended, it is only effective if we use products adapted to our skin type. The skin will be cleaned thoroughly and gently for optimal results. And now that you know how to choose your makeup remover, make a point on your skin type to be sure not to mislead you product. Learn more about your skin type by clicking here .

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