Four Proven Ways To Tell The Quality Of Human Hair Extensions

Four Proven Ways To Tell The Quality Of Human Hair Extensions

With all of the extensions on the market, it is critically important that you can determine a little bit about the quality before you purchase your extensions. You should know that more vendors are selling counterfeit rather than authentic human hair extensions. When you are looking for wholesale human hair extensions supplier, you should have enough preparation in means of knowledge on how to identify genuine virgin hair over the fake, low-quality hair out in the market. Human hair extensions are always worth the investment, we have gathered five proven ways to tell if the quality of human hair extensions is worth the bucks also preventing you from making costly mishaps. Specially if you are buying wholesale hair extensions Australia.

1.Checking the cuticle

The first thing that you want to look at is your brand, and you want to make sure that you are buying from a reputable source. You should know what you are getting concerning processing. The processing becomes essential because there are two main ways of processing hair in the market, cuticle intact and cuticle stripped.

  • Cuticle intact– Cuticle on your hair means that you have this protective layer, it is a clear shingle type layer that goes on the outside of your hair. Real human virgin hair has stands that feel smooth going downwards in the direction of hair growth, but you still need to feel some resistance as you move your finger in the opposite direction. The resistance signifies the presence of cuticle in the hair.
  • Cuticle stripped– The natural hair cuticles are stripped and processed most commonly with an acid bath. The cheaper brands of hair extension hair will have that cuticle removed so what you’ll find is once that the cuticle is gone, the hair will be in a smaller diameter. You lose the property of moisture retention, and you’ll miss the feature of sheen, and it becomes a much duller and a brittle product. The reason that they would do that though is it takes a thicker Chinese hair and makes it into a finer more suitable diameter for the hair extension bundle.

What the hair extension companies will do, they will put an artificial moisture layer back in the hair so that it has some of that retention of lament and sheen on the hair’s layer since the cuticle properties are gone. So once that hair is installed, over time it  will degrade, so if you wash your hair extensions every day, the artificial moisture is going to come off faster, so that’s why when you install a cheaper extension hair that your hair will become more difficult to manage very quickly compared to a more expensive product

2. Chemical Check

A pure virgin Remy hair should be all natural. There should be no synthetic processing at all– no dye, perm, curl, relaxer or any kind of treatment. Every time you would like to check if the hair bundle you purchase has been infused with chemicals, the simplest way is to try doing a sniff test, smell the product and notice if you can pick up any odors from perming, relaxing or chemicals. If you think your smelling senses are not good enough, you can try a different way to do testing, and that is to wet the hair extension and apply a small amount of neutralizing shampoo. Gently massage the shampoo in the hair bundle, and check out if it turns pink since that only means that the hair has gone into a chemical processing.

3. Testing with Smoke

Take out a couple of strands of your newly purchased high-quality clip in, weft or tape in hair extension, then get a match or a lighter and burn the ends of the hair starting from the bottom. Take out a match or lighter and light the ends of the hair. You can identify if it’s a real human hair because of the smoke it produces, if the hair burns with white smoke that turns to ash then you can relax since you can guarantee its a legit human hair, and there are no synthetic fibers included on the bundle. However, if the hair sample burns with black smoke and crawls into having a sticky texture, you would know that your extensions aren’t the real thing.

4. Non-uniformity Check

Checking the hair quality includes learning more about its origin. Virgin hairs are removed straight from the scalp of the donors, and you may see some irregularities in it. Typically, most donors don’t have a perfect wave from root to tip and frequently have waves, curls or ringlets on the head. So if you are aiming for a virgin or unprocessed hair, you might want to check for irregularities on your bundle.

Remember, if you want to go Oh-Natural with your artificial hair locks, make sure to go with a reliable supplier. You can get wholesale precisely made wefts, affordable clip ins and high-quality tape in extensions online in a very reasonable price. Check out, on of the most trusted hair extension wholesale suppliers australia. Guaranteed you’ll never regret your choice of human hair extensions anymore!

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