El Santo Cachon, When Chille Invests In Marsellis

There are places in Marseille, nuggets that energize the city, do good to the neighborhood in which they are and deserve to be known by all. This is the case of the Santo Cachon which for some years now animates the street Ferrari and becomes the prerogative of the amateurs of Chilean cuisine.

Held by Cristobal, the intimate restaurant fills up every night of the week. Between cocktails and flavors from here, but especially from there, I make you discover one of my favorite restaurants in Marseille and rediscover one of the oldest blog posts, updated during a meal with friends.

El Santo Cachon is Chile in Marseille.

We must go back to 2008, when Cristobal, from Santiago to Chile, landed in France and more precisely in Marseille. Although his beginnings were not straightforward, after studying journalism and direct contact with the kitchen and the catering industry, he began as a barman at the Alim ( General Food , Editor’s note), has opened up its network.

General food, a place that opened its doors to me and allowed me to meet incredible and also give me the desire to embark on a personal project.

With Mathilde, her companion, who is Brittany, they choose Marseilles: that is where they will live together and that is where they will make their lives. But as for the location of the restaurant, it is pure chance that will turn into true love for the 5th arrondissement.

Today we realize that it is a nice neighborhood, we live there and we want to stay there.

El santo Cachon, the restoration of the district to “buenas ondas”

What is Santo Cachon’s philosophy is the desire to be a neighborhood, casual, quality restaurant that sends you lots of good waves to spend good evenings all year round.

The idea of Santo Cachon really came from a desire to bring the kitchen down there. A Latin-American “nest” with a Latin ambience, music and deco where you can drink, have a drink, laugh, speak loudly and make your taste buds wriggle. The decor is just what you need for vintage and typical to make you feel a bit like home.

In the winter, the fog on the windows reinforces this desire to stay even longer, in this place, a little to us, where you do not come that way, by chance. And what I can tell you is that they are proud to be the first to have been able to implant this way, with the success that we know Santo Cachon.

The Santo Cachon does not follow the trend, but its trend. A desire to make travel, to transmit a passion and flavors with the heart. A sincere invitation to a gastronomic journey that has as its goal one thing: to be in time. And when we see the number of regulars who are now hurrying 7 days a week to devour the card and drink Pisco after Pisco, I think it’s gone.

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