In Marseille, pizza

The Maersailas Oven: The Good Pizza As We Love

In Marseille, pizza or pizze for the intimate, it is an institution. Especially the truck, made on a wood fire. At the party passing in the street or whole with buddies and a small fresh rosé, we eat all the time and we love it! In any case, like many Marseillais, I am hyper picky on the pizza […]

The Breakfast

The Breakfast Of The Residence The Brunch Made By Dunk

You do not know what to do with your Sunday. Do you want a good quiet brunch plan in the heart of Marseille? The Résidence du Port hotel offers you until the end of the summer a formula of brunch elaborated in collaboration with Dunk. I went there and found it really nice, the terrace is top, the […]

El Santo Cachon, When Chille Invests In Marsellis

There are places in Marseille, nuggets that energize the city, do good to the neighborhood in which they are and deserve to be known by all. This is the case of the Santo Cachon which for some years now animates the street Ferrari and becomes the prerogative of the amateurs of Chilean cuisine. Held by Cristobal, […]