skin for the sun

How To Prepare Your Body and Skin For The Sun

There they are finally arrived or at least will not be late! We speak of course a holiday! To be at the top on the beach and well tanned for your return to the office, we reveal you some natural tips to prepare your skin well before the summer: 1 – Adapting your diet Preparing your skin […]

El Santo Cachon, When Chille Invests In Marsellis

There are places in Marseille, nuggets that energize the city, do good to the neighborhood in which they are and deserve to be known by all. This is the case of the Santo Cachon which for some years now animates the street Ferrari and becomes the prerogative of the amateurs of Chilean cuisine. Held by Cristobal, […]

the perfect jewelry 

How To Choose Your Jewelry

Finding the perfect jewelry to highlight her outfit may seem difficult, as the choice is vast. Nevertheless, with the few tips of the beauty blog , you will easily find the rare pearl that will allow you to shine at every moment of the day! So how do you choose your jewelry? First, to go to work, favor the discrete and elegant […]