Laying your nail polish without overflowing, tips

Laying Your Nail Polish without Overflowing Tips

That those who succeed in laying their nail polish without overflowing raise their hand? Well, there are some who certainly succeed but that is not the case for everyone. EFBIO gives you some  tips for applying your varnish without burrs . A precise pose in 3 gestures  Before thinking of varnish it is obviously necessary to take care of his hands and […]

DIY for 3 types of hair

DIY For 3 Types of Hair

Whether you have dry, oily, curly or frizzy hair, your hair needs to be pampered. And what better than homemade natural recipes. EFBIO  gives you 3 DIY to take care of 3 types of hair . DIY 1: Moisturizing dry hair To nourish and strengthen dry hair, nothing like a mature avocado. Once peeled, mix it with a teaspoonof jojoba oil  and […]